MERCHANT NAVY AS A CAREER Merchant Navy is concerned with the trade across the seven sea the maritime industry offers career that have nationally & Internationally recognized tertiary qualification, job satisfaction, high level of responsibility, good advancement prospect and a wide variety of career opportunity both at sea & ashore.

At along with the excellent pay and promising promotional, its provides scope for adventure and travel. Merchant Navy is also challenging career for young generation. while the benefits are numerous, the long sea voyages do have their disadvantages, boredom, loneliness, strenuous, work, separation from family etc. But on the whole it teaches resiliency responsibility courage and strength and open the doorway to new places and wonderful experience.

The yeomen efforts of the international maritime organisation (IMO). london is achieving the twin objective of ship and clean sea, by the development various conventions, protocols and guidelines conserning the safety of life at sea, prevention of pollution at sea, seafarers certification and watch keeping are appreciated to the word. Merchant Navy is known for transportation. Plus points of Merchant Navy is the highest paid salary and travel the world in young age. More over it is totally tax free. You can save the total salary since all your expense is borned by the shipping company.


DECK   Seaman, Cadet, 3rd officer, 2nd officer, chief officer, master
ENGINE   wiper, oiler, junior Engineer, 3rd Engineer, 2nd Engineer, chief Engineer
KITCHEN   Mess boy, waiter, Steward, cook
PETTY OFFICER   Welder Fitter Electrical Officer

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